Coating Quality Assurance

Quality, in both materials and workmanship, is emphasized in every coating project handled by Donwell, to ensure that our work meets commercial, aerospace, military and medical specifications, including MIL-PRF-46010, where applicable. Donwell Co. has a Quality Management program utilizing Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Continuous Improvement with a goal of zero defects. Ensuring the quality of Donwell's coating services requires attention to surface preparation, coating thickness, curing procedures and coating integrity. Our quality system provides for prevention and detection of non-conformance, timely corrective action and analysis of information to evaluate quality and effectiveness.

Donwell Company's quality system complies with ISO 9001 and has been approved by major military, commercial and aerospace manufacturers.

Donwell's quality system complies with ISO 9001

Verification of coating thickness using Statistical Process Control methods.